Once upon a time...

We got the keys to number 48 on the 29th November 2012. Our first home to call our own.

Until then, we had rented in the city - some great flats, some not so great (if I ever hear the word "damp" or "overflow" again I think I will go into melt down!) and had a couple of stints lodging with the in-laws too. So when the sale finally went through, I was beside myself with excitement.

Leading up to the exchange date I must have had around 10 different Pinterest boards. One for each room (and some extras) while I made my mind up on which look I wanted to go for. John is also a creative type, so he had lots of his own ideas too. Every night we would be pinning and discussing everything from sofas to storage solutions. We couldn't wait to get stuck in!

We decided it would be a good idea to officially move in after Christmas, so as to give ourselves a month to do a little decorating - stripping the wallpapers in the bedroom and the living room was first on our list, followed by a lick of paint... it should only take a few days

or so to give everything a freshen up, we said.

Upon starting to peel we discovered... arghhhhh... crumbling plaster work (so THAT'S why every wall was covered in wallpaper or lining paper!) and then... we looked up...!! Okay, so my excuse is that we were young naive first time buyers. Surely plenty of people forget to look at the ceilings when viewing properties for the first, second, third time? Or maybe I did look up and just not register the thickly layered wood chip, covered with what seemed like a million coats of thick blobby paint, because I had too many thoughts of cushions and vases spinning round my head.

Thank goodness we hadn't moved everything in already! It was then we started to look at each room more closely... what had we done?!! We thought we had landed ourselves a "ready to move into" first home... but no.

The following months saw all hands on deck... every night after work we did a couple of hours of scraping ready for the plaster to come and work his magic. My Dad cheered me up by secretly fitting the floors throughout for us too. It was tiring and stressful, but we got there in the end.

I can't wait to "virtually" welcome you into our home and show you around!

Love, Mika x

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