A hidden treasure for fellow foodies

We had been recommended Chesters by the River by a few different people recently and so when we found ourselves up in The Lakes on the rainiest of rainy days, in need of some warm & cosy shelter, we thought we'd pay a visit.

In the prettiest of settings, the cafe sits beside Skelwith Bridge with the most gorgeous backdrop of rolling hills and typically gorgeous lake-district wonder. When we pulled up outside ready to make a dash for the door, we both commented on how lovely it looked and how much lovelier it must be on a sunny day.

Of course, recommendations these days aren't usually so much about the prettiness of a place as they are about the yumminess of the food... and so with rumbling tummies we went inside.

The designer in me instantly felt like a kid in a sweet shop - from gorgeous brush lettering for signage, to beautifully crafted beer bottle labels, my first impressions were that of "oooooh!"

The menu is purely vegetarian– artisan breads and dishes that creatively combine both simple and wonderfully unusual flavours. There was so much to choose from. The first thing I spotted was the cakes (so I purposely ordered a light bite to make sure there was room for an Oaty Ginger Crunch for afters!) John opted for the Afghan Biscuit which was delicious and well worth a trip back for another alone!

The staff were so friendly and wonderful with children– Little M really enjoyed the limelight they shone on her the whole time we were there.

And then there's the gift shop. For someone who's favourite part of school trips was spending her pocket money at the end of the day on some sort of gimmicky toy such as false gold or a mustard jar with a pop-out snake inside of it... well, you can imagine the cheers of excitement inside my head when I walked into this Aladdin's cave!

We left with a pretty pink Knickerbocker Glory spoon for Little M. She's never had a knickerbocker Glory before, but I decided I would start making them. Sometime... maybe when the weather picks up again. And a gorgeous new mug, because I couldn't resist. And it features probably my most used phrase of all time. Well, maybe not all time... but definitely the last 3 or four years.

All in all, a lovely little visit to a lovely little cafe. And we'll definitely be back.

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