Let's hygge

I have a lot of Hygge books (they always seem to have the loveliest of covers) and whilst they look rather fancy on my book shelf, the message that lies within their beautifully designed pages is by far the best thing about them.

I remember last year when everyone was talking about this Danish tradition, now craze, (pronounced “hue-gah”) and how “it can transform your home… life, even!” I also remember thinking “ooh another fad, hey? Lemme-adit!”

I do love a good fad. I have fallen for many of them in the past. Everyone who knows me will tell you the same. I’ve had years of teasing about it from my hubby, who I always say is lucky not to be one of them himself! But this, I can hand on heart say isn’t either. It’s a handful of things that most of us already know, that when taken into consideration collectively as we style or tidy our home, literally make… everything… better. It’s the chicken soup of the home decor world.

Or more eloquently put, “Hygge is the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things. Ultimately it is thought to be the best way to cope with the long and murky winter months we are about to endure; surviving through a state of self-soothing, quasi-hibernation.”

So with that in mind and with five simple steps here's how I have started to make our rooms a little more hygge, in preparation for these cosy months ahead:

1. Organise

Partly because I have a very narrow wardrobe and partly because I hate that "stale" feeling of seeing the wrong season's clothes hanging within it, I rotate my clothes twice a year. I look forward to opening the bags of my Autumn/Winter clothes when we reach September and pulling out the soft knits and cosy cardigans. Likewise with my Spring/Summer wardrobe when February comes to an end. It's like going shopping without spending a penny. I always forget about some items and love reuniting with old-time favourites again.

TIP: Pop a couple of wardrobe fresheners or scented drawer liners in a vacuum bag with all of your washed clothes and seal up. Don't bother ironing, as they will need another iron when they come back out again.

2. Layer Up

My Mum no longer wanted her knitted cushions, so I have pinched them for our sofa! I think they look really lovely (when Little M isn't picking the pom poms off them) and do just the trick in visually warming the room up.

I also bought a couple of Danish knots. Contrary to John's insta stories the other night, these are not indoor footballs. I really do despair..! They are rather sweet little throw cushions, that admittedly aren't the comfiest to sit against (perhaps defeating my intention) but I like them and they add another dimension to the layering.

Another hygge thought is to mix rustic with luxe and these new mugs I have just picked up from Wilkos do just that. With their high shine glazed inner, matte duck egg outer and rough ceramic base, they have a lovely natural look and hold a good amount of coffee too!

By adding more texture to our bedroom it instantly feels cosier and less stark. With a monochrome room it can feel quite cool. It's great in the summer but not quite what you want as the nights draw in and it gets icy outside.

I found a patterned throw and some tasseled cushions as well as a macrame tassel wall hanging from Esty, which John glanced at, smirked and then asked if I "now follow Pocahontas on Instagram?" the day he came home to find it nonchalantly placed on our bedroom wall. "They're all over Pinterest!" I frowned!

3. Be One With Nature

I'm going to save talking about this point for my next blog post (as I've more than a little paragraph in mind). I would love it if you popped back next week for a read!

4. Dim The Lights

I like to swap our bulbs from those with a cool tone to ones with a warmer glow as the nights draw in. I find it makes everywhere that little more cosy. Hygge is all about soft lighting. Our "big light" throws a lovely patterned glow onto our walls too, which I love. I was thinking of adding some fairy lights to our bed frame too, but I'm not sure if it would be too much. What do you think?

5. Get cosy

This wouldn't be a post about hygge without a single mention of candles and so not wanting to disappoint, this White Company beauty is one of my all time favourite scents. It is very strong and only needs a little burn at a time to give our room that gorgeous relaxing ambience. And when mixed with the smell of rain outside, it is quite simply... lovely.

Do you change things around with the seasons? Swap your cushions and opt for thicker textures for autumn/winter? Are you buying new this year or digging out old favourites? Either way, I wish you the cosiest of Autumns with copious amounts of hygge!

Love Mika x


Note: This post is not an ad and is based solely on my own personal and above all honest opinions and experiences of the products mentioned.

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